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Raycroft Recordings

Maycen Raycroft

"I didn't realize i needed this community  until i was fully submerged and now i can't imagine my wedding videography career without this strong supportive community"

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We are in a unique position in the wedding film industry. With our podcast, we have been able to make relationships with some of the top wedding professionals in the world. When we told them about Mastermind, they wanted to be part of this. So we are bringing in 25 guest speakers, throughout the year, to go to the next level with you in your wedding film business. These chats will be set up with training, followed by q&a where you can ask your own questions to some of the biggest names in the wedding film industry.

The Speakers


Each week, Mastermind will meet online together to push the limits in our wedding film businesses. From training sessions, to peer evaluation, and film reviews, each week we will carve out 60 minutes to work on our businesses, not just in them. These meetings will be in Zoom format, so you can interact, ask questions, and not just sit on the sidelines. These group sessions are designed to be led by our members' questions, so we can more effectively help you, where you are, instead of assuming we know what you need. 

The training


With a group like no other, we can do things that have never been done before. Imagine a network of like-minded wedding filmmakers, helping each other to not only grow in knowledge, but helping each other with actual bookings. Within Mastermind, networking will be at the core of what we do. Already booked on a wedding day? We will make it easy to connect you with a filmmaker to refer. Likewise, when someone else is booked, they can share their referrals with you. By building personal relationships with one another, we will be able to confidently refer our leads to other qualified members. Imagine the possibilities of booking up your entire schedule, just by being part of Mastermind.

The network


The most underrated item in our industry is the community. Community is everything, and wedding filmmakers are some of the coolest people on the planet! With Mastermind, the heartbeat of why this works, is the community. Not only will you have access to us, you will have access to each other. 

With a private online community at your fingertips, you will have access to all members of the group. The perfect place to bounce ideas, to grow together, to watch each other’s films, and take your business to the next level. The best way to grow, is to grow together. 

The community


To celebrate the incredible journey of mastermind, we are throwing a huge party. We are hosting an in-person multi-day event for you to celebrate the amazing year. Unwind, learn, connect, and grow, as you experience a retreat like none other. A retreat, a workshop, a styled shoot, a destination experience, all wrapped into one amazing celebration of a year that changed our lives.

The retreat

Want to take your year to the next level?

Become a VIP. More hands on training, an additional in person retreat, extra access to the guest speakers, and a network of other VIP members. Enjoy the perks of being a VIP at our year end retreat with a VIP brunch, VIP merchandise, and more. Plus, you get 2 mentor sessions with John and Nick, and a full business audit from Sam Jacobson with Ideaction. The VIP experience is only available for 12 members, to keep the group exclusive and small. 

the vip experience

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Ember and Ash Films

Ryan Sims

"it was truly an incredible experience. I feel like i walked away with a ton of new friends that i'm going to get to call on when i need help, or just friendship"

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- 12 months of Training with a group of like-minded wedding filmmakers 
- Weekly Zoom Calls that last between 60-90 minutes
- 26 Guest Speaker Zoom Calls
- Q&A available on all of the calls - get your questions answered personally
- Private Facebook Group / Networking - A private group where Mastermind Students, and Guest speakers are able to connect
- In-Person Retreat

- We meet via zoom weekly (unless there’s a guest speaker) at a predetermined time
- We can see you, you can see us
- When John and Nick present, it is approx 30 minutes, followed by breakout sessions with small groups, followed by Q&A. Usually around 60-80 minutes total
- We take open Q&A at the end of every session
- Calls are recorded, and uploaded to a student portal, where you will have lifetime access
- Meeting times are created based on the availability of the overall group. Within a week of applications being closed, we will send out questionnaires to determine the times that work for everyone’s schedules, to ensure you can make it to the majority of the meetings. 

- We meet via zoom at a predetermined time that works for the guest speaker
- We can see you, you can see us
- Speakers are presenting exclusive content
- Speakers are asked to prepare a presentation between 30-45 minutes long
- Sessions last 60-75 minutes
- After Speaker Presentation is ended, they take open Q&A
- Speaker can see you, you can see the speaker
- Calls are recorded and uploaded to a student portal, where you will have lifetime access

- As soon as you are accepted, you will be given a link and password for a private Facebook Group
- The other members of MMXHTFW, and the Guest Speakers are part of this group
- You can post questions, film reviews, hangout links, referrals, etc in the group
- Community is encouraged, through referrals, film reviews, etc
- The FB group lives on after your year is complete, allowing you to continue to network
- You will also be put into a private “Alumni Group” after you have completed the program

- The HTFW team picks a new location each year for the retreat
- We announce the retreat location within the first few months of the program (based on group size, etc)
- Retreat Dates will tentatively be January 14th-January 17th, 2024 based on venue availability 
- Plus 1 tickets will be made available, and prices will be set based on physical costs for the location. HTFW does not profit from the retreat, to keep ticket prices down
- Plus 1 tickets are available on a first come, first served basis, and are typically announced during the summer time
- Plus 1 tickets are only available to co-owners in your business, or spouses/significant others
- Members are required to pay for travel, lodging, and some food.
- HTFW covers the costs of the majority of events, as well as food and beverage at most events. All costs will be discussed in the group, with full transparency
- The retreat is typically comprised of education, relaxation, time to explore, partying, styled shoots, headshots, and guest speakers hanging out with you and the HTFW team

We literally go through as much as possible during the year. We start with being intentional in EVERY area of your brand. The curriculum is built around being very intentional with everything you do. So we talk about being intentional with: who you want to work with, ideal clients, your website and branding, your sales page, your consultation calls, getting inquiries, proposals sent to clients, getting couples to say yes, social media, websites, filming the wedding, color, color grading, audio, audio effects, editing, the client experience, your numbers, your goals, how many weddings you want to take, and more! Not to mention we have 26 guest speakers to give you never-before heard presentations.

Can my spouse or business partner join in on the calls?
Yes! We encourage your spouse or business partners to join in on the calls as well!

Can my spouse or business partner join me on the retreat?
Yes! We will have our Plus 1 tickets available for purchase

Can my employees join on the zoom call?
No we do not allow that, in order to keep the room size smaller for the members of the group. With approval, you can allow them to watch the recordings, however

Is there an option for me to join, but NOT pay for the retreat?
Yes, we have Mastermind Lite, which allows you to just pay for the online portion of the group. We do have a Plus 1 option available, if you do decide you can make it to the retreat

Is there a way to make the monthly payments for membership less expensive?
Yes! We get it. The economy has been rough, and things are hard right now. So this year we have some options that allow for 18 month payment plans to bring the monthly expense down.

Is the content beginner level?
Short answer is, no. This program isn’t a program to teach you how to turn on your camera, or how to set up your social media. But, we do have our private Facebook Group available for side conversations and extra training sessions if you are behind in a specific area. The content is geared toward a deeper understanding of all the topics listed in the previous question. We go deep on shooting, color grading, audio design, editing, sales, and everywhere in between

Can I join later this year?
Unfortunately we only open the doors in January. This is a 12 month program, and we start in January, and end in January every year.

What if I can’t make the meetings?
We have you covered. All meetings are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours of the call, so you can stay on track


Brandon Baxley

"I am somehow fully booked  for 2023 and would never have imagined being in this place was even possible.
You guys gave me the tools and support that I needed, and my life will never be the same!" 

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Travel House Collective

Mckenzie Michael

"I really got to understand what my brand is, and what I WANT THAT TO BE, I'M JUST SO THANKFUL FOR THAT JOURNEY."


These success stories could be you

what our students have to say

Little did we know that when we began how to film weddings in 2018 that we were creating something that could elevate the wedding industry. that has been our heart, since day 1. to elevate the wedding film industry. in our quest to do just that, we have finally come to the place where we know we can have the most impact. mastermind, by htfw

the hosts

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is the life I get to live. I started a wedding video business in 2007, and little did I know it would bring me to this spot in life. After filming over 500 weddings, I connected with Nick (see his info below) and we started discussing the idea of How To Film Weddings. In 2018, we started a YouTube Channel, that turned into a podcast, that then became something that still blows us away every day. 

I am based in Oklahoma, and have a beautiful wife and two daughters (someone pray for me, I am surrounded by women every day of my life). I am a business minded person, and geek out on how to make money, and more importantly, how to help others do the same thing. 

I am an avid fan of The Office (don’t test me on trivia, I will most likely win), I have watched every season of Big Brother, and I just can’t help but crank the volume on the radio when a song comes on by Taylor Swift (don’t judge me). 

Want to get in touch with me? Send me a DM on Instagram and connect. Link is below! Thanks for stopping by this part of our site!


Meet John

Hi, I’m Nick. I’ve been married to my best friend and business partner Jenn for 12 years. We have two amazing kids that are hilarious and a little stubborn.

We love Target, Chick-fil-a and going to the Y. I’m an enneagram 3 and pretend I know more about the enneagram than I actually do. I have loved the Kansas City Royals my entire life… so I’ve been there for the bad, really bad, really really bad, good, really good, great, and now bad again times.

I dig comic books, I used to co-host a YouTube channel all about them, maybe you can find it. Pizza is the best food and PB&J is a close second. I’m a former Youth Pastor that went full time into wedding videography in 2017.


Meet Nick