Work with couples you absolutely love, create work that invigorates your soul, and make more money than you could have imagined. Your successful wedding video business is right here

The handbook for wedding filmmakers

THE How To Film Weddings Course

Imagine if...

We designed this course with that exact plan in mind

you were completely fulfilled in your wedding video business. You work with couples you love. You get paid more than you thought possible. 

Being a wedding filmmaker can really suck

When you signed up to be a wedding filmmaker you didn't know you would be running in charge of: social media,  accounting, marketing, sales, editing, and the list never stops. So how do we get out of this rat race? How do we build a life around our goals and mission?

Are you ready for a change?

Let's be honest. This isn't easy.

Choose how many weddings you want to work on a year

set the prices you deserve for your work

feel creatively inspired by your work

Going into 2020 I was charging $3500. Fast forward 2 years later and I just booked my first $10,000 wedding for next  year! To say the course is a game changer is an understatement. This will save you years of learning. If you are on the fence, don't be! the knowledge is beyond beneficial. I am making so much more per wedding after taking this course. This course has paid itself back 10x . Everyone in this industry should honestly take the course

Kailina Erickson | roots and wings films

The BEST thing you could do for your business! It has everything from business, shooting, editing, and everything in between. They always update the course, and are always adding more. It is so valuable. Watching behind-the-scenes, you learn so much. It pays for itself in that alone. As a creative first, the business section changed the game for me. Highly recommended! One module is worth the entire price!

aaron datu | aaron datu films

Absolutely worth it! I bought this within like month 1 or 2 of my business and I have had to cap off the amount of weddings I am taking for the year. I also doubled my prices! 

jake schroeder | one twenty-seven media

Real results

The dream

book your dream couples

Develop a plan to attract and book your dream clients. The ones that rave about you, and give you the creative freedom to do the thing you do best

Create work that invigorates your soul

When you book your dream clients, you get to create work that you are truly proud of. Creating work that inspires you keeps you excited. 

Get paid more than you ever dreamed possible

When your work is inspired, it stands out. When your couples rave about you, you stand out, causing you to elevate to the top of your market.

Show me how


The 10 steps to a successful and fulfilling wedding video business

THE How To Film Weddings Course

Work with dream couples

Most of us take what we can get. If someone wants to book us, we immediately say 'YES.' We don't take into consideration if we are excited to work with them. Are they your ideal buyer? How do you even know? 

How this course helps you identify your dream couples

It starts with the 'who'

Define your mission, Values, and dream client avatar - know who you want to work with

find your 'voice' so you can effectively market to the right couples, and repel the wrong ones

develop a strategy to scream to your dream couples so they have to reach out 

build out a portfolio and network that continually lands you dream clients

Create Work that inspires you

Most wedding videographers work countless hours, spend their life under the pressure of enormous backlog, and never get inspired. In our course, we show you exactly how to stay excited, creating work that inspires you, and invigorates your soul

How this course helps you take your work to the next level

It matters 'what' you are creating

How to create edits that speak to and attract your Dream Couples

The ins and outs of how to use your gear & how to edit your films

How to build stories and edits that compel your dream buyer

Ways to take your edits and shooting to the next level

Get paid more than you thought possible

Wedding videography can be VERY lucrative. We've seen it happen for literally thousands of filmmakers, just like you. The secret? A consistent upward cycle of growth in your brand. We show you exactly how to build that foundation so you can make some real money.

how this course makes you more money

You deserved to be paid what you are worth

Create an undeniable demand for your services

build a network of vendors, and couples that rave about your and your work

learn the strategies for properly pricing yourself, and how to raise prices each year

create proposals that make you stand out from the crowd

what to expect

the results

a business that is set up correctly, on a firm foundation

know who your dream clients are, and how to speak directly to them

a brand that matches your vision, and speaks directly to your dream couples

a proven plan to attract the right couples, and repel the wrong ones

a sales process that isn't 'salesy' that gets you results

shoot & edit weddings with confidence

deliver incredible experiences to your couples

attract even more of your ideal buyers

I'm Ready

It is an upward cycle that repeats itself each season. Your work improves as the weddings improve. Attracting even more of your ideal couples. This system walks you through the entire journey


BRAND NEW- 10 modules - the complete system to building a successful wedding video business

BRAND NEW- a full fake wedding, where we walk you through every single step of a wedding day

- Deep dive into how to use your camera, understand light, audio, color grading and more.

all of our digital templates, email templates, and guides (299 value)

BRAND NEW- 10 modules - the complete system to building a successful wedding video business

BRAND NEW- a full fake wedding, where we walk you through every single step of a wedding day

- Deep dive into how to use your camera, understand light, audio, color grading and more.

all of our digital templates, email templates, and guides (299 value)






1 x 60 min mentor session with john or nick (750 value)



Premium Upgrade


real zoom calls with $20k bookings 

HTFW Pricing GUide Templates (197 value)

Behind-The-Scenes of John and nick at real weddings

Posing for Wedding Videographers Mini-Course (199 value)

Private online community

Blue Pine Films

Lauren Bowman

"It's amazing!! Do not hesitate! It has completely transformed my business. So worth it!

Build a business that lasts

cycle upward each year in your business

Roots & Wings Films

Kailina Erickson

I just booked a wedding for $4500, after the bride told me she had a $900 budget. this course deserves a prize!

bride spent 5x her initial budget after talking with this student

Rhapsody Filmworks

Jeremy Schroeder

just booked my biggest video package to date & I just doubled my prices.  

Doubled his prices after taking the course 

Emelie Russell Wedding Films

Emelie Russell

absolutely worth it x1000. I watch the videos all the time before weddings. the bonus content is priceless

Enjoys lifetime access to the updated content

See what our students are saying

Wait... what exactly is in this course??

With over 25+ years of combined experience, we wanted to lay it all out for you in a handbook that is easy to come back to, time and time again. So we did just that. This is the entire system to build the business of your dreams

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

The roadmap to your success begins here

We boiled it down to 10 steps for you to run a successful business. From setting up the brand, all the way to getting those $10,000+ referrals. It is all in The Course


We walk you through how to legally set up your business, and make sure the foundation is solid, so you don't have to come back later on and fix your mistakes. Trust us, you want to do this step right. 

Build the brand

We help you determine your mission, vision, and most importantly, we help you to see who your ideal buyer is, so you can focus all of your attention on attracting the dream couple.

Attract the right couples

We waste a ton of time fielding calls for couples we don't want to work with. Let us show you how to attract and repel in your business. We help you SCREAM to the ideal buyer, and make it easily known who you want to work with.

Book the Right couples

When you lay out a solid plan, you will start to get the right couples to reach out. In this module, we walk you through how to get them to say yes. From setting up the proper prices and collections, to making sure your inquiry form is just right, and walking you through discovery calls and proposals, it is all here for you to be focused, and book more of the right couples.

Guide the couple to the wedding day

Don't ghost your couples. The time period between booking, and the wedding day is crucial to giving them an experience like none other. Learn their story, which helps you tell a better story on the day. Build trust, and show them even more ways you can serve them as they plan (which results in more sales).

Shoot the wedding

Blow the entire family, and the vendor team away with proven shooting techniques, as well as a heavy focus on how you are representing your brand on the day. Show people why you are worth what you are charging.

create an incredible wedding film

When you are working with ideal buyers, and you know them well, you can create one-of-a-kind wedding films. Not only will this invigorate you, but will set you apart as better than the competition.

Build anticipation for delivery

Most wedding videographers film the wedding, ghost the couple, then send an email when the wedding is done being edited. In this course we show you how to not only build anticipation, but deliver an incredible experience as your couples wait for the film to be edited

Deliver an incredible Product

If you deliver an incredible experience to not on the couple and their family, but the full vendor team, you are going to stay at the top of their minds when thinking of who they want to refer later in time. We show you how to take your delivery to the next level.

Exposure to more ideal buyers

This entire system is about cycling upward in business. Each year, we work with more ideal buyers, which causes a chain reaction. More of our ideal buyers are exposed to our work, which causes more wedding clients to see the value you bring. This causes you to make even better work, and create even more relationships. After step 10, you circle back to step 2 and do it all over again. 

Set up your business












Join NOW

Lay a solid foundation, so your business can grow

Help you determine who your 'heck yes' customers are, and how to attract them

Show you how to price yourself properly, and build out a funnel

Walk you through getting inquiries, discovery calls, and building proposals that sell

Show you how to get couples to say YES to you

Walk your couples through the planning process, giving them a great experience

Blow them away with your shooting and editing

Cycle upward by reaching more of your ideal couples after each wedding

What you can expect

the entire plan, from beginning to end. We show you how to cycle upward every year

Your mentors

John Bunn and Nick Miller with How To film Weddings.

We are Nick Miller (Wild Oak Films), and John Bunn (John Bunn Films). We have put our 25+ years of combined experience into 1 course that is sure to take you to the next level.

John focuses on business, and regularly sells weddings over $18,000+ travel. Nick focuses on the shooting and editing, and was just awarded the MusicBed Awards - Platinum Award and People's Choice award for his wedding films. Combined, we are able to help you create work that blows away your couples, and get paid well while doing it. 

With a community of over 25,000 wedding filmmakers, we have proven to be the number 1 source for wedding filmmaker education on the planet. 

Our mission: To Elevate The Wedding Video Industry

mock wedding

Yep. We actually put on a fake wedding, and walked through EVERY step, just for you. A hands-on look at exactly how we create the work we do. We leave nothing out of this. Posing, Drones, The Ceremony, Plugging Into Sound Boards, Lighting Toasts, Reception Details, Bride Prep, Groom Prep, Letter Readings, First Looks, and MORE...

What is included

we took it to the next level

a full breakdown of an entire wedding, from beginning to end

an in-depth look at exactly how to film a wedding, with john and nick

easily broken up into sections so you can go straight to the sections you need help with

john and nick walking you through each step, while showing you how they do it

posing guide

Have you ever gotten stuck on a wedding day, not knowing how to pose your couples? Or gotten back to the edit, only to realize you don’t have enough footage of the couple? We know it can get a bit uncomfortable to think on the fly sometimes, and that is EXACTLY why we created this guide!

what you'll get:

Never get stuck on a shoot again

a 45 minute walk-through of John & Nick posing and interacting with a real couple

a phone formatted pdf with all 20 poses & instructions for you to have and reference

camera deep dive

It might be a bit embarrassing to ask basic questions online. We have you covered. Nick and Blake break down everything you need to know with your camera, lighting, and audio

What we teach:

Remove the guess work

Understanding how cameras work (ISO, Aperture, F-StoPs, Shutter speed, etc)

Understanding capturing audio (how to get the best audio, 32 bit float, etc)

Understanding light - Walking through the kelvin scale, and how to get the best light on a wedding day

easily arranged to get you the info you need, without any wasted time

The 10 steps to cycle upward each year


12 monthly payments

The Course


The Course

OR, spread out the investment with payments:

first 25 save $100 use promo 'course25' 

Real Zoom Calls We record our calls where john books a $20,000+ wedding. Watch as you see how to sell to couples, without being "Salesy". (Valued at $1000)

Posing for Wedding Filmmakers Guide we filmed a real couple's engagement session and walked through 20 of our favorite prompts for video. Included is also a pdf to save to your phone so you have the poses ready for your next wedding (Value up to $200)

HTFW Pricing Guides you get all 3 of our plug and play pricing guide pdfs so you can take your proposals to the next level. Proven to book you more weddings! (Valued at $300)

Job Shadow at ACTUAL weddings Follow along at REAL weddings as John films a wedding in Baton Rouge, and in Mexico, and Nick films a wedding elopement in the mountains. ($1000 value) 

Digital Templates included are ALL of our digital templates and presets, including 50+ emails to run your business, a budget guideline, discovery call guideline, yearly calendar, and more. Literally plug and play  (Valued at $400) 

Wedding Camera Deep Dive we walk you through all the basics of how your camera works, how to get the proper audio & light, and remove all the guess work out of how to use your camera to capture weddings at a high level (Valued at $500)

Mock Wedding   we were crazy enough to rent a wedding venue and put on a fake wedding so we could literally show you exactly how to do it (Valued at $1000)

10 modules — The complete system from starting your business, to booking your first $10,000+ wedding and beyond. The entire handbook for you to work with couples you love, create work that invigorates your soul, and get paid more than you could have imagined (Valued at $2,000)

join and get access to...

Private Online Community We know you will have questions. That is why we have a completely private online community to answer questions as you go. (Priceless)

Lifetime Access Some courses only give you access for a limited time. Not this one. Not only that, but we update the course with new content all the time. And you get it for free  (Priceless) 

save $267

save $367


The complete System — A $6,500+ Value

Liebe Bewegt, Germany

Jan Spatschek 

For the price, it is a NO BRAINER. Well worth the investment and you will 100% get your investment back.

Our refund policy states that you are refunded based on the percentage of the course you complete. We use a tracking system to see progress, and will look at each case individually. Due to the nature of this course being digital, we have to be VERY strict on this policy. Refunds may be requested within 21 days of joining the course, and will not be accepted after that timeframe. Without a proper excuse for wanting a refund, we will be unable to offer one.

We have had over 400 members join, with less than a 3% return rate. Here's our promise to you. If you join the course, watch through the modules, and don't think it is worth the investment, we will refund you. Our stance is that we know how great this course is, and the long-term benefits of joining with continually updated content. 

money back guarantee

we believe so much in this course, we offer a limited

Yes! Not only do we have 3 job shadows at actual weddings, we even put on a Mock Wedding and shot from beginning to end walking you through LITERALLY EVERYTHING we do on wedding days.

Do we see you filming weddings?

Lifetime access is always guaranteed with our courses. As we learn and grow, we update the course, with no additional charge to you. So it is not only lifetime, but it is continually getting better for you.

How Long will I get access to The course?

Yes! John and Nick are both very active in the private online community, answering your questions, doing bonus coaching calls, and more. We do this for real life change, so we are very involved. 

Do I get access to John and Nick?

Although you will hear the same principles on the podcast, we dig much deeper than possible with just audio. We dig deep into using your camera, and literally show you at a real wedding how to do it. It is organized in a way where you don't have to go searching around for answers.

What will you discuss here that you don't already on the podcast?

This is your COMPLETE handbook, walking you through the business, shooting, and editing. We have a full mock wedding, all of our guides and templates, a private group, and our own 10 step system to help you cycle upward each year in your brand.

what makes this course different than others?

This is aimed at filmmakers that are wanting to build a 6-figure business, filled with couples they absolutely love, all while creating work that invigorates your soul. You might be brand new, or in business for a while.

Who is the course geared toward?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions


now is the time