Finding companies that can do the work for you frees up time, focus, and allows you to dive into the aspects of your business that truly help it grow!

We have taken the time to find amazing companies that you can trust outsourcing to! You no longer have to stress whether or not an editor will ghost you or leave you with a terrible edit. The list we have below are all people that you can trust will provide you with a great experience.

When we started outsourcing it changed everything!

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Bride& is a professional video editing company that expertly blends a comprehensive workflow with a personalized touch for every videographer. Regardless of whether you're a solo videographer or a large studio, their team of 50 professionals is prepared to handle all your editing needs.

At Bride&, you'll communicate with a dedicated account manager who's always available to assist you. Initially, they'll inquire about your preferences and take the time to understand your unique style. After the first edit, they provide unlimited revisions to ensure you're completely satisfied with the outcome.

The process functions like clockwork then — simply share your calendar of bookings for the season, upload your footage after each wedding, and you’ll receive your edited video within two weeks. With predictable turnaround times, a smooth revision process, and fixed pricing for standard formats without any extra charges for footage size, Bride& delivers a hassle-free experience.

The value brought to my business has been amazing. Not having to worry about editing and overdue deliverables has just made it so much easier to do what I love without the pressures or a backlog. I couldn't be happier that I found Bride&!

Each project includes color correction, licensed music from MusicBed or TrackClub, and a project file compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve. For an additional fee, you can request sound design and advanced color grading services. Moreover, you can negotiate with them to create custom wedding-related promotional content, such as social media teasers or even highlight reels of your best weddings of the year.

If you haven't yet collaborated with Bride&, we highly recommend giving them a try. As a special offer for our community, you can claim $99 off your first order using promo code HTFW100.

the bride& showreel



The market is made of hundreds of creatives demonstrating a unique voice through their films. We are not editing robots following the same format for every filmmaker. We're not here to drive interest through false promises("just upload your stuff and presto!"). Generic editing companies don't serve your wedding brand or your couples. Freelancers on Facebook can't be relied on season over season. You need a wedding film specialist, a true partner for your post-production needs.

It’s not just about saving time, it’s about helping you enjoy what you do season over season.

We want you to look forward to the post-production process, and feel refreshed viewing your work again.

Our Project Managers learn your approach and advocate for the quality of your edits before they ever hit your desk for review. Your editor is comfortable emulating your style and is ready year over year to elevate your work.

Our process not only creates accountability, it ensures it. No ghosting allowed. By releasing your edits to us, you’ll enjoy viewing your films through new eyes. Imagine enjoying post-production again without grinding through it month after month. And most importantly...

We invest in our team, our process and this industry. We want the right partners to grow alongside with. 

a wedditor edit
filmed by: john bunn films



  • Tailored approach for every client
  • Reliable turnarounds - 98% on time delivery rate
  • State-of-the-art digital platform: Navigating through your projects has never been smoother!
  • Unique Quality Control Process
  • 10 years of experience
  • +90 Pro editors
  • +800 Projects per year
  • +700 happy clients
  • Customized solutions to suit your unique style and preferences.
  • Dedicated customer support.
Our mission is to empower our clients to elevate their wedding videos to a whole new level!
With a solid 10 years in the wedding industry, we specialize in post-production services for wedding filmmakers who place high importance on quality, authenticity, and maintaining a consistent style.


Why Choose Wanderlust Videos:

wanderlust videos

wanderlust videos

Wanderlust honestly surprised us. They provide very professional communication, quick turnaround times, and the quality of their creative editing is so great.

We are very particular about our films and have rarely outsourced edits because we have our system down so well, but we were so blown away with their easy process and the final edits that we are back for more. We absolutely recommend wedding filmmakers to use Wanderlust for their editing."

Kristine & Calen Rhome - WHITE IN REVERY

With Storymix Media, you no longer have to compromise on quality or price. Our team of skilled, in-house, U.S. editors, provides custom editing services at affordable pricing many don’t believe is possible. Our secret? A streamlined process and communications system honed over 10 years and 15,000+ videos that improves efficiency without sacrificing quality. We provide peace of mind with unlimited recuts and a satisfaction guarantee during onboarding until your video meets your standards

Imagine the relief of knowing that your style will expertly be captured and translated into amazing storytelling with each project. Plus, you'll be thrilled to learn that our thorough style-matching process ensures we quickly capture the essence of your brand and will deliver your first project in 4 weeks or less. With Storymix media, there’s no more worry of it taking forever and still needing to re-edit the project yourself. Say goodbye to the stress of video editing and entrust us to bring your vision to life.

I just wanted to say this edit was AMAZING! The highlight video was excellent, top notch work! And the Feature long edit was perfect. I barely made any changes to any of the videos!! KUDOS and THANK YOU! You should use this one for promo purposes :)

A Storymix Media Highlight Edit
Filmed by Shotwell Productions

Looking for a long-term solution to achieve your videography business goals? Whether you seek more personal time, increased bookings, or enhancing your edits, Storymix Media might just be your perfect partner! We strive to become a seamless extension of your existing team. Visit our site to learn more about what sets us apart from the rest, view our pricing, and see if we're a fit for your business. To make the right decision about your editing, you need details and questions answered. So be sure to schedule a 15-minute call or fill out our contact form. You’ll quickly learn if a trial project is the right step forward. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your videography business with Storymix Media.

storymix media

storymix media

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Mike Fisher

Wedding Post House is a culling service for your wedding films! They specialize in taking your footage and sorting through it so you don't have to! It's an incredible way to save time, yet also keep control of your creative edits.

With Wedding Post House...

You'll receive a project file with your culled wedding back within 5 days.

Their team of editors will sort, cull, and sync your media in your native editing software.

All you have to do is, book a session and provide a link to your media

"Brady and his team provide an incredible fast and efficient service with personalized communication throughout the entire process. I'll certainly be coming back again and again."
- Peyton Frank

get 10% off your first culling session using promo code htfw10


wedding posthouse

"Wedding Posthouse saved me HOURS of my time. I submit my wedding project and within 5 days, they return to me an entirely culled and organized wedding timeline, as well as my ceremony, first look, and toasts synced together."
- Emma K Films

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